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Only BIC Graphic offers a writing instrument with over 15,000 free color combinations!

With the BIC® Clic Stic® ColorMax™, customers can choose the barrel color, the section color, and the clip/plunger color. This allows for 15,625 color combinations. Have a 3-color logo to work with? Use all three colors in the pen construction!

To make your pen even more unique, BIC Graphic offers four fashion writing ink colors (Fashion Purple, Fashion Pink, Fashion Blue and Fashion Green) available at no additional charge—or select traditional blue, black or red. CSCM

New for 2014, the BIC® Easy-Glide System®
Ink, known for its flawlessly smooth ink flow,
is now a free option on over 50 BIC® writing
instruments. With a 35% smoother ink flow
compared to standard ballpoint ink systems,
the free upgrade will give distributors a competitive edge in upselling to a branded
writing instrument.

Trust BIC® as a leader in the writing instrument category—with the highest brand recognition, highest overall quality, advanced ink technologies at no extra charge, and reliable stock, distributors can count on BIC Graphic.

BIC® products use top grade materials assembled in the USA, ensuring the brand message receives maximum impressions long into the future. BIC® products offer peace of mind—complying with US and International product safety laws and standards.

Visit bicgraphic.com for details.

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