Vacuum Seal Technology and Why it’s Hot (or Cold) and Going Beyond Tumblers.

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46119_clear_styled_1cVacuum insulated tumblers have grown in popularity in promotional products over the past 12 months. Vacuum sealed tumblers like our Glacial Diamonds Tumbler and bubba®Envy Vacuum Tumbler use special technology to harness the natural insulating properties of air. These tumblers are super hot in the promotional products industry and we thought we’d share a little more about the technology. These products are on the higher-end of tumbler-style drinkware and often require a little more information in the selling process.

The key to keeping drinks cold (or hot) longer than traditional double wall drinkware is the46113_clear_styled_1c vacuum seal insulation. In the case of the Glacial Diamonds Tumbler for example, the stainless steel tumbler is constructed with a hole left in the bottom of the outer wall. The air is then sucked out of the space between the walls and as it is sucked out a glass bead is then wedged into the hole and heated to create an airtight seal.

Because there are no air molecules between the tumbler walls to transfer heat or cold, the beverage maintains its temperature for hours longer.

46106_blue with lid_1cHave you seen the new Roamers Vacuum Tumbler! Mix & Match lid and tumbler colors to create a unique tumbler that best complements your brand logo! Check out a useful flyer for the US and Canada!


Now BIC Graphic NA brings vacuum-seal technology to a variety of other products, including can coolers, wine glasses and even growlers!



The Double Vacuum Can Cooler will keep a can or bottle cold longer. Available in Matte Black, Matte White or Silver with Black screw on lid.



Durable and made of food grade stainless steel, the Vacuum Growler (64oz) will preserve flavor and keep hot or cold beverages hot or cold longer!


Click here for a video about the Bubba(R) Envy Vacuum Tumbler:

Watch the Glacial Diamonds Tumbler in action:

Click here to view BIC Graphic NA’s entire line of vacuum sealed products!



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