BIC Graphic HERO: Jeanine Larson

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Quality Assurance Specialist – Red Wing, MN

Jeanine has been with BIC for 6 years, starting as a temp in Production. She later became a part of the britePix® KOOZIE® project and was then promoted to her position in Quality Assurance. Her responsibilities include product testing, supplier claims, customer claims, production issues, plus several other side projects.  Her typical workday is never the same, and there’s never a dull day.

In her spare time, Jeanine enjoys family outings with her husband and children or the occasional outing to comedy clubs or unique restaurants that don’t serve the typical mid-west fare.  She enjoys cooking, so home-cooked meals are pretty common in her household.  She even trained over a year with a chef, and now specializes in soups and sauces.

Jeanine also loves going to rock concerts and collects classic and new rock vinyl records. Of all the products she works with, Jeanine particularly loves all of the Vacuum Tumblers.  To her, they are definitely comparable to the more expensive name brand versions in the market.


Thanks, Jeanine, for all your hard work ensuring the highest quality of our products and processes!

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