Melissa Ralston Named Vice-President, Marketing – North America

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Melissa Ralston, formerly Marketing Director of BIC Graphic North America, has been promoted to Vice-President, Marketing – North America, for BIC Graphic NA.

Ralston brings seventeen years of brand management, communications and product development experience within promotional products, advertising agency and corporate marketing settings.  She began her career with BIC Graphic NA in 2003 and has been an integral member of the management team since 2015. As Vice-President, Marketing – North America, Ralston will continue to oversee department operations while guiding the definition of the BIC Graphic NA brand.

“BIC Graphic NA is focused on providing innovative new products, brands and services that continually provide distributors with exciting options for their clients,” said Ralston. “I look forward to identifying inventive tools and services that make it more simple for our distributor partners.”

Ralston holds a B.A. in International Advertising and a Masters in International Business from the University of Florida.

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