A Dozen Imprint Ideas for Your Next Dozen

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Imprinted golf balls are essential for tournament giveaways, events, corporate gifting, and reward/incentive programs. Whether your target audience is the novice, recreational golfer or aspiring professional, BIC Graphic has you covered.

To really be memorable, why not go beyond your standard imprint message? Here are 12 ideas to turn your next dozen in to fun conversation starters and keepsakes.*

Individual personalization adds a distinctive element that makes people feel recognized and appreciated.

  1. If found return to [name].
  2. I’m not lost, I’m hiding from [name].
  3. [Name] really sliced this one. Now it’s yours!
  4. Personalize with each tournament player’s name


For lovers of the game, giving golf balls to mark a special occasion makes perfect sense. Take the gift up a notch with a message to commemorate the event.

  1. It’s a Boy! / It’s a Girl!
  2. Wedding / Bachelor Party Invites or Save The Date
  3. Happy Father’s / Mother’s Day
  4. 50 Years and Still Swinging!
  5. All I Want for Christmas is a Hole-in-One


Show your company has a sense of humor by adding a funny game-related message with your company logo.


  1. Free ball compliments of [company]
  2. Help! I can’t swim!
  3. If found, please hit it better than the last guy


Visit bicgraphic.com to view our large selection of golf balls from your favorite brands, perfect for any golfer and every event!

*Note that some balls require 12 dozen per imprint. MOQ may apply.

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