BIC Graphic Hero: Connie Deblois

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Metal Pen Printer – Clearwater, FL

We’re recognizing Connie today as not only a hard worker, but a smart worker. Connie is always willing to put in overtime to fulfill orders needed that day, and she is even willing to learn new machines that are outside her usual area. In her 15 years with BIC Graphic Connie has switched machines and products as a metal pen printer as needed, making her both versatile and dedicated.

A normal day for Connie involves setting up machines to run a variety of pens, making sure orders are out on time, and keeping quality as her main focus. She loves getting to work with really great people. She recently came across one of our new pens that became a fast favorite for her, the #55857 Ring Metal Pen, which she describes as a great writing instrument with a nice design.

In her spare time Connie likes to hang out with her family and friends, often going on long motorcycle rides. She also enjoys ballroom dancing, especially the Waltz.

Thank you, Connie, for being such a talented and dedicated printer!

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