The Future of Work is Flexible

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As the most highly regarded form of advertising, promotional products are an impactful way to spread a brand message. (1) Promos are versatile; used from morning to night, at special events, the office, at home and during favorite activities. As a promo distributor, having flexible business policies can mirror this versatility to benefit both your employees and your bottom line.

Flexible-Work-is-the-Future-Promotional-Bags-Promotional-Writing-InstrumentsSo, what exactly is “flexible work”? The term can include all types of part-time positions, flex-time, freelance, contracting and working anywhere outside of a standard office environment. Being more agile allows for results-oriented contracts and virtual teams. Some businesses are even seeing success by changing their definition of the standard work week. (2)

Baby Boomers are retiring, and younger generations make up the largest percentage of today’s workers. Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z value greater freedom in their work lives and autonomy when deciding how to manage their individual job roles. In fact, 77% of Millennials say flexible work hours would make the workplace more productive for people their age. (3)

Distributors who embrace flexible work instead of treating it as a special privilege can see some key benefits for their business:

  • Small businesses who offer flexibility can gain a competitive advantage over their larger counterparts when hiring top talent, especially for hard to fill roles.
  • Promotional products aren’t just needed during business hours. Having shift flexibility gives employees the power to choose their preferred start/end times and allows your business to provide top-notch customer service by being available beyond the traditional 9-to-5.
  • Distributors that offer flex working are more likely to retain great employees whose promo knowledge is invaluable, because workers are less likely to give up a flexible work pattern they have grown to love. (4)
  • Companies that have implemented flexible ROWE (results-only work environment) policies have reported a major increase in productivity. (5)

Transitioning to a flexible work environment doesn’t have to be a sudden and drastic change. Hour shifting, increasing/decreasing hours during peak seasons and allowing work-from-home days are easy ways to bring flexibility to your distributorship. In the next decade, it is expected the Millennial majority will completely do away with the 9-to-5 workday. (6) Taking time now to see how flexibility works in your promo business will help you make this change to see your business thrive.

Keep the office fun and flexible with promos that appeal to a modern workforce.

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