14 Fun Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

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Is it true that happy employees are more productive? We think so! In fact, happiness results in a 12% spike in employee productivity and that unhappy workers are 10% less productive than the average.

In other words, having fun at work results in happy workers that exceed expectations, achieve goals and perform at higher rates. (1) So, if you’re looking for ways to increase your business’s impact – and who isn’t – here are some ideas for having fun with your team while also increasing productivity.

1- Create a games zone

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Encourage your team to take regular breaks away from their desks with a fun and relaxing “breakout” area where they can go to clear their minds. Include games, comfortable seating, or anything designed to motivate and refresh.

2 – Celebrate everyone’s contributions

According to Teresa M. Amabile, a leading researcher on organizational study says, “Of all the events that occur on best days, one stood out well above the rest – simply making progress on meaningful work. We call this the “progress principle.” Be sure your team knows that you recognize their progress and value them as important to your business.

3 – Consider a paint job

The colors around us can truly impact our physical and emotional response as well as mood. Be sure to choose paint colors for your workspace that positively impact output. Our top choice? Blue hues have been shown to boost productivity by stimulating the mind.

4 – De-clutter and organize with style

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Creativity may be born out of clutter, but it doesn’t help very much with focus and productivity. Set an example for your team by taking a few minutes every morning and EOD to make sure things are filed, organized, and out of sight to avoid distractions.

5 – Get moving!

Incorporating physical activity into your day can increase concentration, improve memory, encourage faster learning, enhance creativity and lower stress. Incorporating walk & talk meetings, providing bike storage, holding a “walk to work day” and promoting the use of stairs over elevators are easy ways to help your team be more active. (2)

6 – Design your digital spaces

Make sure company computers have the most up-to-date software for eliciting productivity without disruptions. Allow employees to use focus apps or scheduling apps to keep them on-track at peak focus throughout the day.

7 – Get an office pup

#26202 Silipint™ 1L Aqua-Fur Dog Bowl

Study participants who worked with a dog nearby ranked their colleagues higher on trust and team cohesion than those who didn’t. Why? Dogs in the office spark communication while providing a cute and cuddly stress reliever, increasing happiness – and therefore – productivity.

8 – Add a touch of nature

As biological creatures, people want access to the natural world, even if they are sitting at a desk most of the day. Keep shades open, install nature pictures as screen savers, and put plants on desks. Research shows live plants in the office make people more productive, happier and less stressed. (3)

9 – Decorate with your brand

Providing an environment that’s attractive and fun can make the workplace more enjoyable. Your office is a reflection of your brand, so use your brand guidelines to create interesting spaces that also help your team stay in touch with your mission.

10 – Encourage photo sharing

#7708 Puppies & Kittens – Mini Calendar

Simply displaying photos of family members, vacations, friends, and pets can help teams establish friendships which builds a positive and loyal workforce. Studies have even shown that looking at cute animal pictures at work can actually make people more industrious.

11 – What’s your hobby?

Most people are passionate about some type of hobby. Spending time doing things you love is a good way to beat stress, recharge and bond with people who have common interests. Every once in a while, let your team out early to work on their hobby. It will show support for work-life balance and could make their time at work more fruitful.

12 – Create a recharge room

Mapping out space for meditation, energy or even nap rooms in your office layout encourages mindfulness which reduces stress. Spending as little as 5 minutes each day to be present is directly related to improved focus, memory, clarity and productivity. (4)

13 – Free-time Fridays

#46314 Koozie® Sequin Can Kooler

On Friday afternoons gather everyone for a cold one, whether that is a beer, soda or just around the water cooler. Wind down from the week and share new skills that were learned, problems that were solved or a new process that has proven successful.

14 – Add Room Scents

How a space smells can serious affect mood and mindset (and thus productivity). Consider a diffuser to add scents that help stay focused like:

  • Pine to increase alertness
  • Cinnamon to improve focus
  • Lavender to help relax
  • Peppermint to lift moods
  • Citrus to lift spirits and boost alertness (5)

Are you ready to increase productivity and crush your goals in 2020? Let us know which productivity practices helped your business, and visit bicgraphic.com to learn more about promos that get brands noticed.

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